Principal Message:

Government Polytechnic college, Uthangarai



“Education is the powerful weapon with which you can change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

VIJAYAN M, Principal(FAC)


With an experience of 18 years in the teaching profession, I would strongly say that an
educational institution in rural area can bring about more developmental changes in a society
rather than the same in urban.Our institution thus from 2013 has benefited many students from
places in and around Uthangarai.
The college with its fully equipped facilities, both in the aspect of uninterrupted learning
as well as a refreshing atmosphere as an additional motivation stands out as one of the best
institutions of the state.
As the principal of the college and since I strongly believe that education with discipline
is mandatory, I always emphasise on maintaining a clean and hygienic campus and also strict
timings for both the staff and the students. We care for our students not only during their
learning time but also help them for better placements after their course.
Hence, we focus on conducting many workshops, training programmes, seminars , carrier
guidance programmes and job fairs not only within the college but outside too.
Other than curriculum. We also give importance to extracurricular activities such as sports
and cultural for our students which we believe will increase the confidence level of our
students and also a platform to exhibit their talents.
Industrial exposure with planned internship opportunities for second year students , industrial
visits for third year students are also frequently arranged.
Thus we are very particular in our students receiving enriched and updated technical knowledge,
personality and leadership skills and at the same time, moral values and social responsibilities.
As the Principal of GPTU , I wholeheartedly invite and welcome all the wonderful students. To join in this amazing institution, one of the best of its kind and get an unforgettable learning